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Joy, love & inspiration in ice pops!

There is something nostalgic and magical about eating an ice pop. It brings you to a time when your only concerns were whether you wanted a fruity or creamy flavor and if you should devour or savor your frozen treat on a stick. Ice pops embody simpler, youthful days with smiles of joy and moments when the sky was the limit, and it truly felt as though anything in life was possible.

Sticks, The Ice Pop Shop was born from the owner's passion for good food (especially desserts) and her journey of loving and supporting those with mental health challenges. Her goal is to craft ice pops for everyone, using real ingredients that taste delicious and are nourishing - because what we feed our bodies affects our mind.


The sticks hold rotating quotes to inspire and uplift and a rotating art mural will be up during business hours to motivate and engage the community. All are welcome to pop by and imagine the POPSsibilities!



It's what's on the inside that counts

We may be small, but our ice pops are made with a big heart! Using real ingredients, we handcraft our ice pops in small batches, package and seal them all right here in our shop located in Stillwater, MN. 


Have a flavor idea? A stick quote? A mural idea? 

We would love to hear from you.

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